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a mix for all the infjs out there; listen here

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1950s Rudolf Black tulle Cocktail Dress with rhinestone/star studded bodice and skirt  (via)


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Mr. Gibbins, come collect your prize.

#i love how she’s all silently supportive of him #like ‘that’s right you show these elitists jerks what’s up’

#LOL I LOVED HOW CONNOR MICHAELA AND WHITE RICH DUDE WERE DISAPPOINTED WITH THIS #and laurel was happy #i want these two to have more interaction so they can become bffs

#100% on board with these two being cute bffs and supporting each other always


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this is what made me watch the x files

#pfft #xfiles

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#htgawm #i love Laurel

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Riding into battle in the skeleton war like “I’ll be my own goddamn horse thank you very much” image

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in the flesh character + name meanings

#in the flesh

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Pressed flower clear phone cases from Flower Cases on Etsy

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you have always worn your flaws upon your sleeve